How to put on a rear spoiler (with LED)
Tools and parts needed
Spoiler (in my case, it was a 4th gen Accord OEM spoiler with LED)
Mounting supplies that came with spoiler (screws, washers, etc)
Drill bit set
Spade Bit Set
Wax/Paint remover
Matching paint
Electrical tape
Wire cutter or knife
1) I didn't take too many pics of the install but I hope this will give you an idea of how to put on a spoiler. First, make sure the spoiler fits on the trunk and lay it where you like it best to make sure you want to put the spoiler one. Then, use the mounting kit that comes with the spoiler to mark the holes. Make sure the marks line up with the holes in the spoiler and then it's time to paint the spoiler. Clean the surface with wax/paint remover following the maker's directions. Let it dry and then apply the paint in short but even strokes every half an hour or so. While the paint is drying, get the drill and drill a pilot hole which was marked earlier. In my case, I drilled a 1/8 inch hole (a total of six was drilled). Then drill one more time but with a drill bit that's a tiny bit bigger than the size of the screw that will be used to mount the spoiler to the trunk. The pic to the right shows the holes I drilled.
Warning!! I am not responsible for your mistakes. This is only to give you an idea of how to put on a spoiler so make sure you know what you are doing before drilling holes into your trunk.
2)Now open the trunk and use a spade drill bit to make the holes bigger where the trunk frame is in the way. I used a size that was bigger than the washer used with the screw to hold the spoiler onto the trunk. Luckly, one hole on each side was where a rubber piece was screwed in (in the pic, it's the top hole in the side where the rubber piece screws in) so I just removed that (the rubber piece was the perfect size for the screw head to be able to go through). You can see in the pic where I drilled the bigger holes.
3)With the holes ready to go,  stick the gasket (to keep the water out) onto the pedestals of the spoiler. Run the LED wire through the center hole and pull it through. With a friend helping to hold it, line up the holes and start screwing in the screws. Don't tighten it yet. Put all the screws in and then tighten all of them. With the spoiler now mounted, run the LED wire down through behind the trunk lining and pull it through to where the wiring for the rear brake lights are. Use some cutters to peel off some of the plastic around the black wire (for the brake lights) and splice the black wire (spoiler) onto it and tape it up. Do the same for the LED power wire and brake wire. And that's it! Not to hard if you take your time and double check everything while your going along.  A pic of the car with and without the spoiler is to the right. 
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