How to Convert to Power Mirrors
Warning:As usual, I'm not responsible for your mistakes.
This is a guide to adding power mirrors on your 3rd gen Accord. It's quite easy to install and is a good accessory to have. Parts needed can easily be found at the local wreckers and auto stores. Thanks to Carotman on the 3geez board for his help.
Tools and parts needed

Small piece of wire or a chunk from a coat hanger
Knife or wire cutters
Male and female connectors (for wires)
Electrical tape
Electrical wire
Zip ties
Driver and passenger side power mirrors
The triangular cover piece that goes on the inside
Power mirror switch and harness
Color match paint
Masking tape
Paint and wax remover
Click on a pic to view a bigger one
1)The pic to the right shows some of the stuff needed for this conversion.
2)The optional step is the first one. You can mask up the mirror, clean with wax/paint remover, let it dry, and  paint it to match the body. Once it's all dry, your ready to put it on the car.
3)First, take the door panel off by removing all the screws and pulling the panel off. Be careful or you will damage the plastic clips that hold the panel to the door.Use the wire or coat hanger to hook onto the clip that holds the window arm/handle.
4)Then remove the old manual mirror by removing the knob on the old manual mirror (there is a small screw under the cover), then the triangle cover piece, and then the three screws.
5)Install the power mirror in reverse order. Plug the power mirror into the existing connector that's below. It plugs right in and has the same wire colors.Pic is to the right.
6)Now you can put the door panel back on.
7)Time to get the wiring harness and switch ready. Remove the cover and gauge cluster like in the pic to the right. With the harness you picked up from the wreckers (cut the wires as long as possible when removing from the wreckers to make the job easier), connect the black wire with silver dots to the black wire with silver dots in the harness that was behind the gauge cluster (the arrow in the pic points to the location of the black wire). Run the black wire with yellow stripe to a 12V fused power supply (I hooked it up to the car's fuse box).
8)When that's done, pull the two plastic clips by door (see pic), peel the carpet back, and there should be a harness that has lots of wires on one side and only a few on the other. Cut the three wires that corrospond to the colors on the switch harness (they are close together).. Do the same for the other side. There will be a blue wire with white stripe on both sides. Run a wire from both of them, connect together, and then connect to the blue wire/white stripe that comes from the switch harness. Use the male/female connectors..There should now be four wires hanging from the switch harness. These connect to the remaining four wires (two on each side). The driver's side wires will be yellow ones with stripe and the passenger sides blue with stripe.
9)Now zip tie the wires to hide them and put the gauge cluster and cover back on. Connect the mirror switch to the harness and push into the appropriate place on the dash. You now have power mirrors!!
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