3 Geez Message Board
This is a MUST SEE for owners of 3rd generation Accords. It is a meesage board that covers all aspects of the 1986-89 Accords. Have any questions?? There is sure to be some one who can help you out. I was amazed at the number of other people who love and want to (or already have) modify their 3rd gen. Accord.
Vancouver Accords
A board dedicated to Accords and their owners in Vancouver, BC.
Justin's 3rd Generation Turbo Accord
I was looking for some nice 3rd generation Accords on the net and this one caught my attention since I've never heard of one with turbo. I was impressed with the performance mods he made. It's a good site to check out of you are thinking about boosting the power on your 86-89 Accord.
Mike's 89 Accord LX-i Page
Mike's site contains lots of nice pictures of his and other people's 3rd generation Accord and also has lots of links so it's definetly worth checking out.
Mike Lee's 89 SE-i Page
The other Mike's site contains lots of pictures of his car and the JDM B20A 160HP engine. So far, he's got the most info about these engines.
Paulie's OSA Homepage
Paulie's "Old School Accord" home page. Lots of info and pics of his and other reader's cars.
JDM Accord Aerodeck Page
The website for the Aerodecks that aren't available in North America. In Japanese only but it's interesting just looking at the pics.
Colt Cams
The shop where I got my custom cam made up. A great guy to deal with (he'll take the time to explain things and is VERY reasonably priced. He'll make up the cam to suit your needs.
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