How To Make An Intake
What you need:
3" PCV pipe
Two 3" to 2" rubber reducers for PCV pipes
One 45 degree elbow for 3" PCV pipes
One K&N Cone filter for 3" pipes
Optional: Grommets for the vaccum tubes

1)Remove the old factory intake tubing and air filter box

2)Take the 3" pipe and cut it so it's about 3-4 inches long.

3)Take one of the reducers and slide it on to the piece you just made and clamp it tight. The reducer should come with clamps on both ends.

4)Take the 45 degree elbow and stick it onto the other side of the 3" pipe.

5)Slide the piece onto the throttlebody. Now take the cone filter and clamp it onto the small end of the other reducer you have. Then place it around the area you want it to be positioned when you are finished the project. Measure the length between the big side of the reducer (on the filter) and the 45 degree elbow. Cut a new 3" pipe to that length.

6)Take everything out and glue it together. Let it dry.

7)Now take the intake and clamp it onto the throttlebody. Mark the spots where the vaccum tubes are supposed to go.

8)Take out the intake and drill holes that are a little smaller than the vaccum tubes.

9)Once again, clamp the intake onto the throttlebody and push the vaccum tubes into the holes.

10)Your done! Very simple. For an option, you can use grommets instead of pushing the vaccum tubes into holes.
WARNING: Proceed with caution. I am not responsible for any mistakes you make.There are some differences between car like the diameter of the throttlebody so make sure of the sizing before buying the parts needed.This isn't the best looking intake but for people who have a hard time finding intakes for their cars or are on a budget, this does the job. It is meant for fuel injected cars.Specifically, the 3rd gen Accords.
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