How To Make White Gauges
WARNING:As usual, I am not responsible for your mistakes.Also, please don't e-mail me with requests to make them for you. I will be happy to answer questions but I don't have the time to make them and there are many different types of gauges even for the 3rd gen alone so the one I have may not work for your car. Also, I DON'T have the scans on my harddrive anymore. I erased them long time ago.
1) Remove the gauge cluster from your car.
What you will need:
Computer, scanner, and printer.
Glossy Photo Quality Printer paper with the sticky backing (sort of like the labeling stickers for CD-R's)
2)Carefully separate the top cover from the rest of the cluster to get access to the gauges. Remove the frame surrounding the gauges.
3)Carefully remove the needles. Remember where the gas and temp needles are pointing so you can put them back in the right position. If you don't do this, when you put everything back together, the gas and temp readings that are showing maybe off by quite a bit.Don't pull too hard or they may snap. Now remove the screws holding the gauges.
4)Now take the gauges and scan them. Using a photo editing software, change the colors to something you like. In my case, it was white with black numbers.I also added the Accord emblem in blue. Print them out onto the glossy paper in the highest quality setting for the printer. Cut them out and stick them onto the stock gauges. Make sure the numbers on the stock gauges and the new white ones line up. You can double check by holding it up to a light and the see-through parts on the stock gauges can be seen through the paper. For me, it was the numbers. After you have done all of them, punch in holes using a pin or nail for the needles and screw holes. Then screw the new ones back into the cluster. Don't mind the Philly cream cheese container in the pic. I was using that to keep my needles and screws in.
5)Put everything back in place. Again, make sure the needles are pointing in the proper spots. For the 3rd gen Accords, the tach and speedo, they should be pointing right at 0.
6)Take the cluster and put it back into the dash. This is a good time to replace any bulbs that were burnt out. In the 3rd Gen Accords, the lighting is greenish so at night, they make the gauges look like fake indiglo. You can change the bulb colors and make them shine any color you like. I don't have any pics of them at night since my digital camera couldn't pick up a clear shot of it without using the flash.
And that's it! Not too hard right? Just be careful and they should come out looking nice! Any questions?? E-mail me!
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