How to make a front lip spoiler for your 3rd gen Accord
Warning:I am only making this as a guide so make your own with precaution. I am not resposible for any mistakes you make!!
Tools and equipment neccessary

Front lip from: Legend coupe, 1st gen CRX, 4th gen Accord EX-R
Sheet of thin tin (available at any home hardware store)
Small headed bolts with nuts
Tapping screws
Sanding block with lots of different grits of sand paper
Plastic filler for bumpers (not bondo, it won't stick to plastics and rubber very well)
Wax/paint remover
Matching paint or just glossy black paint
Tin snips

1) The first pic is the materials I used. Now that you have everything you need, remove your bumper. You can do it with it still on the car but it's easier with it off. Follow a good manual to find out how to remove it.
2) As you can see in the pic to the right, the 4th gen lip I got from the wreckers lines up real nicely at the front but the sides are too short. Also, it curves a little differently so I cut some slits (in a shape of a V) to help make it easier to bend and drilled tapping screws to hold it into the bumper. Then I cut off the sides about two inches after the curve on the sides and then drilled them into the bumper to find out how much of an extension I would need. I then cut a piece of tin and bent it to fit the missing area in between. Holes were drilling into the lip and tin and then held together with the tiny nuts and bolts. I drilled it in deep enough to hide the head of the bolt but not enough to go right through the lip. A pic of the extention is shown to the right.
3) In the pic to the right, you can see how I mounted it onto the bumper and the slits I cut near the corners to help "mould" it into the same shape as the 3rd gen bumper. Anyways, with the tin piece secure, mix the proper amount of plastic filler and start filling the space using the tin as a backing. You'll have to do it in layers since there's quite a bit to fill. When the filler has set, sand down the area working your way down with finer grits of sandpaper. Once it's looking okay, wipe the area with wax/paint remover following the maker's instructions. Once that's dried, mask off any areas you don't want painted and prime it and make sure all inperfections are gone.  Now give it nice coats of paint in short strokes to give it the final touch. I painted the whole black bumper at the same time and color matched it with the rest of the body as you can see in the pic to the right.
4) Now that the product is finished, it's time to put it back onto the car. Have a friend help you since you don't want to scrape up the piece you just spent hours/days on getting ruined. And as you can see in the pic, it looks great!
Questions? E-mail me!!
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