How To Make Clear Tail Lights
* Note that I have only done the top half but doing the bottom is just as easy.
WARNING: I will not take any responsibility for your mistakes. I have only posted this to help others make their own home-made lights. Please do not e-mail me about making them for you. I have been flooded with e-mails from people wanting me to make them but I don't have the time to make them plus with the costs associated with making them such as shipping, it wouldn't be cost effective for you to buy a set of homemade ones from me. I will be happy to answer any questions to help you out.

Tools needed: hammer, flathead screwdriver, knife, oven, grinder, scroll or jig saw, paper, dremel if you have one.

Supplies: Sheet of thin plexi-glass around 1/8" (about $25 CAD), Sheet of that office/school florescent light cover plastic (about $15 CAD), one bottle of silicone or some other clear waterproof glue (about $5 CAD), one can of silver metallic paint (about $5 CAD), some sheets of newspaper and tape.

1) First, remove the taillights from your car.
2) Next, make a trace of the orange plastic with the piece of paper. Make sure you add a little to each edge just incase. Do the same for the red part if you want to do that too.
3) Now take the hammer and screwdriver and bash out the red plastic part. Be careful not to damage the black frame around it since that will hold the new lens. Use the dremel if you have one since it will do a nicer job. (I don't have one). Do the same for the red part.
4) Take out any remaining pieces carefully and paint the inside silver which will help reflect the light. Use newpaper and tape to prevent overspray.
5) While that's drying, take the trace you made earlier and copy it onto the plexiglass and another on the office light stuff. Use the scroll saw or fine tooth jigsaw and cut it out. If you find that the plastic snaps while cutting, put some tape (duct tape works great) on the parts you'll cut which will help hold it in one piece.
6) Now take the pieces you cut and put it in an oven preheated to about 200F and watch it. It takes about 5 minutes to soften up but you can tell if you watch it the whole time.
7) Being careful not to burn yourself, take the pieces out and bend the neccessary areas. I found it easy to just place it over the taillight frame and bend it since you'll get the right curve.
8) Once it has cooled down enough, glue the pieces together with the silicone or clear glue. Now you can see the clear lens taking shape.
9) Once that's stuck together good, start grinding the spots that are too big. Make sure you don't grind too much and keep grinding until the whole thing fits into the opening of the taillight frame.
10) When it does fit, put some silicone or clear glue on the area that contacts the lens and push it in. Don't put too much on or it'll show up on the inside where you can't take it off. Tape it up and leave it over night (or at least a few hours if you don't have too much time).
11) After it has dried up and looks good enough, put the whole thing back into the car. Depending on local laws, you may need to buy red and orange bulbs.

The whole process takes about four hours plus drying time (more if you do the bottom half too). If you are afraid to try, try making a set of clear front bumper lens since that takes only half an hour and is really easy since there is no bending involved.

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