1988 Accord LX
I bought this car in March 2001 as a side project for only $500. It was originally supposed to be for fixing up and selling to make a little cash while having fun rebuilding it (had a blown engine and some rust around the wheel wells). But the car was in such great shape (paint was still good, lots of new parts, and the interior was mint), I decided to keep it and now I've started to mod it out alittle (but I won't go too far with it). The pic above was the one posted with the ad in the local paper.
Technical Info
1988 Honda Accord LX  2.0L 4 door sedan
Color: Florence metallic blue
2 bbl carburated with automatic transmission
Exterior: 4th gen (90-93) Accord OEM spoiler, body color painted bumpers, mouldings, and mirrors (was originally all black), 84-87 CRX front lip, low profile fog lights


Stereo: Stock Honda AM/FM cassette with factory EQ, 6 1/2" JVC 2-ways, JBL 5 1/4 full range

Exhaust: 2.25" cat back piping by Midas with Flowmaster 50 series with deltaflow 2.25 in, dual 2.25 out with two Walker 2" chrome tips

Cut stock coils (3" drop) with Monroe Sensa tracs (surprisingly good ride but doesn't handle great)

: 15" ASA polished 5 stars with 195/50/15 Dunlop GT Qualifiers (used to be on the 86)

: Fully rebuilt cylinder head with all new seals and gaskets, valve grind, and resurfacing coupled to my good spare EFI block (dropped the compression though, original 88 carb A20A1 engine had 9.1:1 while the 86 EFI BT block had 8.8:1). All parts (such as pumps and belts) have all been replaced. The intake manifold is still the original

Future Mods
: Unsure but maybe a header to regain some of the lost power due to the compression drop.

Pictures of the 88 LX