1983 Accord LX
1982 Honda Accord LX

This was my first car that I ever bought so I have a certain attachment to it. I bought it for $1600 in 1995. I still see '83 Accords being sold for the same price. I did the usual stuff most high-schoolers do like tinting the windows, installing a low buget sound system, lowering the body, and fixing up rust spots. I also tinted the taillights but the cops didn't like that too much so I got pulled over lots. I had to part with it after one a year and a half since I crashed it on the way home from snowboarding. I fixed it but it was never the same. The body suddenly rusted extremely fast and using it for delivering pizzas didn't help either. I sold it in 1997 for $250. I look at pictures of it now and think "What a piece of s--t!!" but I still miss it since I spent so much time on it. I only have a few pictures like when I first bought it and before I sold it. The good points about this car is the mags and V12 amp which I am still using for my new car.
Car Info
1983 Honda Accord LX
1.6L   5 speed  4 door sedan   Light blue
Stereo: Kenwood Cassette Head Unit with a 10 disc changer, 2 Sony 5 1/4" speakers, 2 Pioneer 6 1/2 speakers, Alpine V12 300W amp, one Rockford Punch 12" sub.
Exterior: Tinted windows, cheap square yellow fog lamps, "Powered by Honda" sticker for imitation sporty look, tinted taillights
Interior: Nothing special exept blue neon shifter and peachy peach air freshner
Exhaust: Cherry Bomb glasspack muffler with chrome tip
Suspension: Chopped coils (Started out as a 1 1/2" drop but the coils got weaker and ended up being too low)
Wheels: 15" ASA polished mags with 195/50/15 Dunlop GT Qualifiers (costs the same price as the car)
Pictures of my old car