Honda Accord Section
1999 Honda Accord Type-R
This section is about my favorite car, the Honda Accord. After the brief history below, the two other parts are about the two cars I own.
The Honda Accords I've owned have both been very reliable and fun to work on. The first one I had, a second generation 1983 Accord LX was a great car to learn how to fix cars since everything was pretty much straight forward. The maintenance cost was low and the gas mileage was great. This lead me to buy another Accord, the third generation 1986 Accord EX-i.

My next purchase was an 1988 Accord LX that had a blown engine when I bought it. I rebuilt the engine and fixed everything that needed work (mostly cosmetic stuff) and am now using it as my 2nd car. Just click on the section you want to go to and each will provide some pictures, how I customized them, and a few tips that might help other Accord owners.

My most recent purchase is my 1990 Accord EX-R which I picked up from a friend when he bought a new SUV. So far, it's been a really great car. Nice to finally own the car that got me into Accords!
1983 Accord LX 1986 Accord EX-i
1988 Accord LX
1990 Accord EX-R