Shaving the door locks on a 90-93 Accord
Caution!! Do this at your own risk!!! I'm not responsible for your mistakes!!!
This is a somewhat easy to do modification if you have the right tools. If you are going to do both sides, make sure you have keyless entry and power door locks. Click on the thumbnails on the right to view bigger pics.

1)First, grab a pair of 4 door rear door handles. I got mine from the wreckers for about $20 and got them painted for another $30.

2)Since the rear door handle bolt posts are too tall, you will need to grind about 1/4 inch. You can see the difference between the non-modified ones compaired to the ones I grinded. I would reccomend cleaning out the threads after grinding to make sure the bolts go back in nice and straight.

3)Also, drill out the rivet so you can get rid of the shaft the rear doors use. The handles will not work if you connect the rod to the shaft as is. Pop out the plastic clip inthe shaft and put it into the hole th shaft was in. This is where the door handle opener rod will connect to. A before and after pic is to the right.

4)Next, remove the door panel. The arrows point to the screws and clips. The interior door handle slides towards the front after removing the screw. Don't force it out or it will crack. There are L shaped pieces that hold the handle flush so you need to slide it forward to get them out of the holes. Once it has popped out, disconnect the power lock switch connector and the door handle rod.

4)This is what the existing door handle assembly should look like. I already removed the lock rods that connected to the door handle and the lock tab (the one you pull up when unlocking manually from inside). Remove the two 10mm bolts holding the handle to the door. After removing them, carefully pop the rod connected to the handle out.

5)Now bolt in the rear doors handle where the original one was. I used 2 extra M5 washers to take up the slack left by grinding down the posts earlier. Without the washers, the bolts will not go in enough to make the handles fit nice. Pop the rod into the clip and test the handle. If it doesn't open the door, you will need to spin the connector on the rod counter clockwise. Test again.

6)Now reinstall everything you took out (like the door panels) and you're all done.