Yasu's Honda Accord
2005 JDM Honda Accord Wagon
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About Myself
Honda Accord Section
Info on the four Accords I've owned and a list of mods.
Brief info about myself.
Picture Galleries
Picture Gallery 1
Pictures of my 1986 Accord EX-i from 1997-2002
Picture Gallery 2
Pictures of the 1988 Accord LX I bought as a side project.
Sold during the spring of 2003.
Picture Gallery 3
Pictures and details of my 1999 Mustang GT convertible
Picture Gallery 4
Pictures of the 1990 Accord EX-R
Misc. Stuff
My new project for the 86 EX-i. A 160HP JDM 86-89 Accord motor/tranny swap
JDM motor swap
Includes how to's on making your own clear tail and turn signal lights, white gauges, intake, installing an urethane body kit, making a front lip/spoiler for your 3rd gen Accord, adding power mirrors to your 3rd gen, and installing a rear spoiler. Also cheap ways to make your car look nicer.
How to's:
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